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New keys won’t work with old ones. What can I do?

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New keys won’t work with old ones. What can I do?

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

There are times when owners have found out that new customized keys won’t work with old ones to get a particular security lock opened. This might happen where keys are replicated into spares to enable all members of the family have a copy, but along the line either a set of the old keys work on the lock or only the new customized keys work on the lock. Whatever the case might be, this scenario might present some difficulty unless you quickly invite qualified locksmiths to help out.

One of the best and most reputable locksmiths that you could contact in this regard is the Keys Made Here Locksmith Services. This professional locksmith firm specializes in repairing locks and making them compatible with desired or customized keys, and they also install sophisticated locks that you might require for your personal and business facilities. Contact the Keys Made Here Locksmith Services now online or through their toll-free lines, and see how they help to bring your security objectives to pass.

Old keys won’t work with new ones. What did I do wrong?

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

It is unfortunate that your old keys refuse to work on your locks after customized spares have been provided, but this happens and the situation can easily be remedied. You only need to contact expert locksmiths to get this done, without the need invest in any new locks and keys.

The scenario of an old key not working again on your locks happen when you initially lose the original keys and then get another spare made to unlock your locks; you then likely find your old and lost keys again and they refuse to work on your existing locks after the new spares have been made for them.

The only way to get it right again is by contacting the Keys Made Here Locksmith Services. This expert locksmith firm among many others are specialists when it comes restoring the functions and usefulness of locks and keys. Contact the Keys Made Here Locksmith Services today and see your locksmithing needs get met immediately.

Misplaced your safety box keys. Get another one today.

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Are you thinking of breaking that lock on your safety box because you’ve lost the keys? Well, that is a natural response to losing keys, but this line of action could cost you more in repairs and replacement when you contrast this with contacting a professional locksmith in your area. Contacting the Keys Made Here Locksmith Services firm will get your needs resolved and right within your budget.

This locksmith firm is a specialist when it comes to opening the locks of safety boxes, car door locks, house door locks, office drawers among others. They open these locks for you when you have lost the original keys to them, and they even issue you with new and personalized keys that could open your existing locks at minimal charges. They could also re-key your locks to work differently with special transponders or some other high security locks. Do not waste any more time, just contact the Keys Made Here Locksmith Services today and experience what it means to have an expert locksmith work for you.

Misplaced your jewellery box keys? How to open it.

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

Do you know it pays to spend time contacting the best locksmith in your area than trading blames over who lost the jewellery box keys? It is often a very painful thing to lose the keys to your safety boxes, most especially if you have personal treasure and possessions stored away in them, but it is very possible to open such locked boxes with the help of professional locksmiths without damaging the locks to your boxes.

One of the best and professional locksmith you could call today in your area is the Keys Made Here Locksmith Services. This expert locksmith firm will help you to open up your jewellery boxes without the original keys, and even provide you with new and customized keys to work with your boxes. Their services are cheap and affordable, and they dispense with your locksmith job within an hour of contacting them. Contact the Keys Made Here Locksmith Services today and you will be happy you did.