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New keys won’t work with old ones. What can I do?

New keys won’t work with old ones. What can I do?

Posted on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

There are times when owners have found out that new customized keys won’t work with old ones to get a particular security lock opened. This might happen where keys are replicated into spares to enable all members of the family have a copy, but along the line either a set of the old keys work on the lock or only the new customized keys work on the lock. Whatever the case might be, this scenario might present some difficulty unless you quickly invite qualified locksmiths to help out.

One of the best and most reputable locksmiths that you could contact in this regard is the Keys Made Here Locksmith Services. This professional locksmith firm specializes in repairing locks and making them compatible with desired or customized keys, and they also install sophisticated locks that you might require for your personal and business facilities. Contact the Keys Made Here Locksmith Services now online or through their toll-free lines, and see how they help to bring your security objectives to pass.

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